Welcome to The Suppers Programs

Welcome! This is your virtual portal to real experience in the Suppers Programs. Our destination: your logical miracle.

A logical miracle is a natural outcome that you can expect when your needs are met for nourishing food, social support, and a safe place to experiment and self-observe while you change old habits. Suppers provides learn-by-doing programs for people who want more vibrant health. We run meetings in central NJ where people cook together, eat together, learn together and taste and feel their way to vibrant health using whole food. There are vegan, vegetarian and omnivore meetings.

Our starting assumption is that if you eat in a way that normalizes blood sugar and mood chemistry, you will also resolve most other diet-related health challenges. Logical miracles happen every day when people trust that how you feel is data! In other words, by working this free-to-users program (you just share the cost of making the meal), you can prevent, manage, and/or reverse diet-driven problems like depression, anxiety, learning issues, obesity, diabetes and problems with alcohol.

Let Suppers help you dispel your myths that healthy eating is expensive, too time-consuming and depriving. You’ll find out how when you join us for Suppers.