Our recipes reflect the values of the Suppers program:

Non-judgment: You will find vegan, vegetarian, and omnivore dishes with no biasing language about the superiority or inferiority of eating styles. This honors the first concept of Suppers -- biological individuality -- and our commitment to emphasizing personal experiments with food instead of assuming we know what’s healthy for everyone.

Whole food preparation: You will find that most of the recipes rely on single, whole, fresh ingredients, with a few minimally processed convenience items.  The recipes contain no milled grains or refined sugar.

No commercial messages: Credit is given for recipe sources, but there is no promotion of any particular diet, product or service.

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Note: Our recipes are continuing to be edited for typos and clarity. Please be patient as we polish them. However, if you find any instructions or quantities to be erroneous, feel free to contact us about it.