Welcome to The Suppers Programs

Suppers is a learn-by-doing program where you'll learn to cook, taste and feel your way to vibrant health. Our mission is to provide safe and friendly settings where anyone, and especially people with food-related health challenges, can develop and manage their own personal transitions to a healthier life.

Members report:

  • Feeling energized

  • Reversing chronic health problems

  • Feeling satisfied and losing food cravings

  • Enjoying the food that makes them well

  • Less depression and anxiety

  • Reduced need for medications

Join us for Suppers!

“I've been to [three Suppers meetings] and each of these experiences is different and wonderful. I love to see how each facilitator adapts Suppers to fit her personality and her guests around the table. I respect and admire the Suppers guidelines so much, and appreciate the way Suppers is 'worked' in different kitchens and homes by people with different personalities. Having studied organizations in my sociology training, I admire how vibrant and truly brilliant the Suppers model [handles] so many different health concerns with grace, and provides wonderful, non-judgmental support and education free of commercial bias, with an underlying spirit of love and tenderness for human frailty. Suppers has added such a beautiful dimension to my life!”

- Suppers member