Discover a way of cooking and eating that truly supports YOUR health.

Learn about the importance of eating whole foods for good health. Understand how and why biological individuality is critical. In order to see connections between food, mood and health, we encourage personal experiments, so we’ve created a supportive learning environment where you can experiment and discover the way of cooking and eating that improves and sustains YOUR health.

Many programs are peer-led and designed to connect you to people who may have had similar experiences. We offer innovative programs in the fields of nutrition and mental health. These programs are informed by our medical advisors, dietitians and other health practitioners, based on the current thinking and health care practices.

Educational Topics: These themes inform our program design and are key concepts for chronic disease prevention.

Our Ecosystem and Community Partners: We collaborate with farmers, chefs and cooks who are aligned with using sustainable agricultural practices and cooking with locally sourced foods, when possible.

Medical and Healthcare Practitioners: We partner with practitioners who value the use of food as medicine and the importance of "eating for your health."

JOIN US and get started on YOUR journey to better health. Check out Our Calendar for programs.