Welcome to The Suppers Programs

Meet. Cook. Eat. Learn.

We all know someone we care about, or perhaps it’s you, who is suffering from a condition that can be managed or improved by eating healthy food. You don’t have to go it alone; we support you on your journey to finding your way to better health.

We are in the midst of a national health crisis where significant numbers of people are affected by Diabetes, Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases, Cognitive Decline and concerns with Brain Health. Over 30 million people have diabetes and over 84 million people have pre-diabetes. Many more are undiagnosed.

Enter The Suppers Programs, Founded by Dorothy Mullen in 2005.

We know that change can be difficult so we take a practical approach; cooking and guiding people in the kitchen to learn how easy it can be to prepare whole, delicious, healthy food.

Biological Individuality: We focus on helping people find the right foods to support their own style of healthy eating 

Ecosystem and Community Partners: We collaborate with farmers, chefs and cooks who are aligned with using sustainable agricultural practices and cooking with locally sourced foods, when possible

Medical and Healthcare Practitioners: We partner with practitioners who value the use of food as medicine and the importance of “eating for health” 

JOIN US at the Suppers Kitchen to get started on your journey to better health. Check out Our Calendar for programs.