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Suppers is a learn-by-doing program where you'll learn to cook, taste and feel your way to vibrant health. Our mission is to provide safe and friendly settings where anyone, and especially people with food-related health challenges, can develop and manage their own personal transitions to a healthier life.

Every event is focused on learning about ways to improve health through the preparation of delicious whole, unprocessed real food. Hands-on experiential learning is an important part of the process and is included whenever possible. 

The participants make the food, and a trained volunteer facilitator presides over a meal that is somewhat more choreographed than the average dinner conversation. The concept was developed by our Founder, Dor Mullen, who spent several years researching the program design and running pilot meetings to answer the question: How do people manifest healthy change in their lives given the tools of nourishing food and social support? The answer: First practice non-judgment.

The goal was to make Suppers as affordable as possible. Medical doctors contribute to the program design, mostly in the role of identifying what people can do without a doctor to achieve more vibrant health. The design is informed by 12-step wisdom, stages of change and motivational interviewing counseling models, nutrition, and especially the whole food movement. The fundamental assumption of Suppers is this: How You Feel Is Data®. If you can learn to observe your body’s own feedback, you can learn to eat to stabilize blood sugar and mood chemistry. If you can do that, you will have identified the habits that, for you, lead to a healthy life overall.

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