Nana’s Story: Experiments!

Experiments. Experiments? I’ll tell you about experiments! I stopped going to Suppers and I learned my lesson. That was my experiment.

My life has been one experiment after another. The first one was: I’ll eat whatever I please and see if I get pre-diabetes. The result of that one was positive. I am on the edge of diabetes.

Raquel’s Story: The Anger Eater

My relationship with food has always been tightly coupled with anger. As a child, I lived in a turbulent household. The unpredictability of my father’s alcohol-induced rages turned me into a timid, fearful child. Since the angry tirades usually occurred late in the evening, I spent my youth feeling tired and nervous, always anticipating a bad event, even when things were relatively calm. I ate candy for comfort and energy. My father was a controlling, invasive parent and I came to think of myself as incapable of independent thought or action.

Vera and Dor’s Story: Vanity

I had to do something to soften the blow when Vera shared her brutal take on our concept “It’s not just about food.” I’m supposed to create a safe environment for sharing. Sometimes it’s hard since I can’t always support the speaker and the listeners at the same time. My best hope the day Vera spoke was damage control, wielding my magic wand like the Good Fairies – after the fact – undoing the worst of Maleficent’s curse.

Julie’s Trilogy:

I. I Hate Myself Therefore I Eat

“How is Suppers different from other groups?” This question was put to me, and I have a lot to say on the subject. I hope my story will help others who struggle as I have struggled.

Beth’s Story: My Body Is the Temple of My Soul

When I started Suppers, I wasn’t expecting to have a spiritual experience. I went because my way of eating had gotten me into a lot of trouble. I had dug my way in with a fork and spoon and I needed to dig myself out with the same tools. I had church and a 12-step program to take care of my spiritual needs, so I imagined that the spiritual side of Suppers for me would be about penance. I looked at what wasn’t on the menu and knew I would feel sorry for my sins.

Petey and Dor’s Story: The Primary Spiritual Act

Petey was four years old when this happened. He’s almost a man now, and I have no idea where he is. But this was my first experience of the finger of God, and the hand was Petey’s.

Petey’s mom was one of the alcoholics I loved who loved me. We raised children together for many years and admired each other for our differences. I was hard driving and always busy; she felt her day was complete if she found a perfect branch of flowering quince. She was beautiful, sensitive, and a very good friend. She relapsed.

Tina’s Story: I Forgot My Body

When I got clean, I was so thoroughly embraced by my friends that I felt a tight circle of support around me. It was like they were arm in arm, three people deep, holding me up and loving me until I could love myself. I had good medical insurance, a therapist I trusted, and friends from church. I needed all of it because it was a day-to-day, moment-to-moment struggle just to stand up. The depression that made me so vulnerable to alcohol to begin with was right there, ready to take up residence once I quit.


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