Basic Suppers Experiment To Determine if a Particular Food is Good for You

To determine if a particular food is good for you, we recommend you do a personal experiment.

Your body is constantly providing feedback about how it interacts with the food you eat, but you have to know the signs. Common signs are often related to blood sugar and mood chemistry as well as inflammation. Since the brain is typically the organ most sensitive to nutrition, foods that don’t work well for your body are often vague brain symptoms like fatigue, mental fatigue, depressed or anxious feelings, craving or hunger that seems to happen too fast after you ate. Another common reaction is a flare of inflammation

It’s incredibly simple to do the basic experiment.

Example: Popcorn

To find out if popcorn is a good snack for you:

  1. Observe how you feel when you eat it. Fatigued? Artificially energized or comforted? Bloated? Able to eat one portion? Triggered? Flared up in skin, muscles or joints?
  2. Observe how you feel a while later. How long did it carry you? Did it carry you longer than a bowl of chili or a piece of fruit or handful of almonds?
  3. If you're not sure, eat popcorn at breakfast time when you haven't had anything else and work it into the rotation of the Suppers Breakfast Challenge. Eat a good-sized portion, not just a taste. Your system is cleanest after the fast and will give you the best data as to whether you are a bad match. If your symptoms come back, that’s data!

And here is a story from one of our members who had a life changing experience around popcorn once she did her experiments.