The Covey Matrix for Time Management

From "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People"

Stephen Covey’s matrix for improving time management translates very nicely into a stress management exercise to use at meetings. Suppers facilitators can use the matrix to lead discussions on how to plan for less stress and especially unnecessary urgency in our lives. It asks us to create a simple, four-quadrant matrix to help us determine which of our activities are urgent and important (like house fires, some but not all deadlines), which are not urgent but important (like time with family, prevention), which are urgent and unimportant (perhaps most text messages, interruptions), and which are not urgent and not important (like time wasters). 

The idea is to just start looking at our lives to see if bringing greater intention to how we spend our time can take us out of unnecessary urgency and stress and give us more time to do the things that are important though perhaps not urgent (yet). Given how many of us experience stress-driven eating, you may want to consider the matrix as a group, ask people to set some intentions around how they use their time, and subsequently share notes on how this new awareness affects stress level and stress eating.

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