Discover a way of cooking and eating that truly supports YOUR health.

Suppers - Eating for Your Health… is a “build from within” approach we use to guide people on their journey toward a healthier version of themselves. Whether someone is trying to reduce their health risk factors, manage a chronic disease or simply have a desire to be healthier in general, learning to eat and cook healthy foods will help to improve their overall health - and make them feel better.

Asking someone to change their behavior to reduce their health risks without giving them tools and know-how, is like asking someone to fly a jumbo jet who’s never even been on a plane. 

We often hear that when a healthcare provider suggests that someone needs to eat a ‘healthier diet,’ they don’t explain how to choose healthy food options or prepare them in a delicious way. People are then left wanting to eat in a healthier way but don’t know how - especially if many of the dishes they enjoy tend to be high in sugar, unhealthy fat, and simple carbohydrates. 

This is where Eating for Your Health comes in and how we’re different. 

Why use the “build from within” approach?

We realize, since each person’s dietary needs are unique, a one size fits all approach doesn’t work. People need to be able to make choices about the foods that they eat and make small changes toward better health.

How we help.

 Our non-judgmental learning environments enable people to explore and experiment with new healthy food choices as they learn how to observe the ways different foods make them feel - because How You Feel Is Data®.

Through our informative programs, tools, supportive systems, and incentives for change we help you address gaps in knowledge and skills when it comes to preparing healthy food.