Ginger Lemon Truffles

This is not a recpe that you can rely on-- rather, a list of ingredients you can use to make these cute delicious truffles! Use your flavor balancing techinques to make them right. Too much ginger? Add some maple syrup! Too much lemon? No, that can't be right. :) 

Source: Chef Allie Catering & Services:


claw Brazilliam ginger (grated with microplane)
1 pound
dried coconut
lemons, zested and juiced (use all of the zest, then add juice slowly to taste)
1⁄4 cup
maple syrup (can also use honey, stevia, coconut sugar, etc)
1 teaspoon
alcohol free vanilla (they sell at Trader Joe's)
jar organic cashew butter
pink Himalayan sea salt
1 1⁄2 cup
pulled hemp seeds

Additional Notes

Pro Tip: Keep your ginger in the freezer and it grates like snow falls in winter. 


In a kitchen mixer, combine all ingredients and spin on low until ingredients are well mixed. Finish mixing and taste to balance. Using a 1 oz cookie scoop, scoop out truffles and roll into little balls with gloved hands. Then, drop into a bowl of pulled hemp seeds and toss until coated well. you're done. Keep them chilled until serving. Keeps up to one week.