Greeter's Script

Welcome to Suppers. Thank you for coming today to check out our program. You may fully participate whether or not you fill out the questionnaire. The information is requested so we can grow and adapt the program to members’ needs. 

On the 3x5 card, please provide:

- First name, last initial, email, phone and date
- Special interests, or which meeting announcements you’d like to receive (details on web site calendar)

Suppers meetings follow a certain order. The first part of the meeting is about preparing delicious meals of whole foods. The only fee is the shared cost of the meal plus a voluntary contribution of $1/per plate to support Suppers. If you don’t already know how to prepare food, we’ll teach you; you just jump in and start wherever you are comfortable. Over time, you’ll pick up the skills as you learn by watching, doing and attending special meetings with cooking mentors, if you want to.

The second part is eating and meeting. You can expect lively and informative discussions at the table, all related to diet and lifestyle change. We ask that you help us keep it to one conversation at a time, sharing your thoughts in turns. Suppers is an “intentional community” –- a program, not a club -- for people who gather with a mutual purpose in mind. (Facilitator: please make a personal statement about the purpose of your meeting.)

You can expect that the facilitator and other members will protect the safety, warmth, and camaraderie of our environment and:

- make sure anyone who wants to share has the opportunity to do so, and that time is shared fairly.
- guide the discussion away from the promotion of a particular diet, product or service.
- preserve the atmosphere of non-judgment, the primary requirement for helping the most people.
- require hand washing with soapy water after handling money or coughing, etc.

There are also a few things we will expect from you as you learn to work the Suppers program. We need you to: 

- RSVP and come on time with small bills to cover your share. If you RSVP and don’t attend, please send a check to the facilitator who bought groceries for you.
- preserve the safety of our meetings by respecting members’ anonymity, using first names only and not mentioning to others whom you saw and what they said at meetings.
- wash your hands before working in the kitchen or any time you cough or otherwise contaminate your hands (we have many members with special concerns for their immune systems).
- refrain from the promotion of any particular diet, product, or service.
- avoid the use of perfumes and scented products (we have members with allergies).

 We do not expect that you will change your habits overnight. We will support you as you do your own food experiments and observations and explore the many possible pathways to a healthier life.

Suppers Participant Agreement (Waiver)
Suppers Participant Questionnaire