How to Make a Successful Suppers Meeting

Every Suppers group has a distinct personality, shaped by the priorities of the people who create it. There is no rigid formula for designing a group, nor perfect schedule for having meetings. But there are common elements shared by successful meetings. Topping the list are the facilitators. If the facilitators are gratified by the experience, they will create the right environment for learning and healing.

Elements of a Successful Suppers Group

  1. Gratified facilitators who take pleasure in the work of Suppers and understand how to create a warm and safe environment.
  2. A whole food preparation component, which can include: preparing food together, bringing in food educators, bringing a potluck meal together and/or sharing recipes.
  3. Suppers literature, including the Suggested Leader’s Script and readings from Logical Miracles that teach the boundaries and concepts and relay the core messages of: actively practicing nonjudgment, whole food preparation, avoidance of commercial messages and restoration of the family table.
  4. Sufficient planning in the way of emails and phones calls, grocery shopping, set up, food prep, clean up, reimbursement and topic selection so that the work is shared and the meetings run smoothly enough.

And that’s it! As long as people come together with a mutual desire to lead a healthier life, the rest is just the details.

Starting Assumptions

The starting assumption of The Suppers Programs is that if people do what they need to do to sustain normal blood sugar and mood chemistry, their other diet and lifestyle challenges will fall into place. We focus on normalizing blood sugar and mood chemistry because your body provides very clear signals about how it is responding to food and circumstances, and you can learn to read these signals. Understanding how you feel relative to what your blood sugar and mood chemistry are doing may help you feel motivated to make healthy change. Our Beginner's Questionnaire and the Blood Sugar/Mood Chemistry Chart of Feelings can help people determine if eating processed food is creating problems for them.

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