How to Talk about Suppers

Briefest Version: Elevator Speech

Suppers is a network of programs for people who choose to make diet and lifestyle changes. At meetings we cook meals from scratch together, eat together, run personal experiments with food, and support each person's unique path to better health.

Our Signature Program

Our signature program is "a nearly free-to-users meeting run by trained volunteer facilitators in private homes and small public venues." "Nearly free" means that members reimburse the facilitator for the groceries they eat plus enough to cover the host's other costs and a small contribution to the program to help defray administrative costs. The profit is to our members.

More Information about Meetings

Each meeting is autonomous, crafted by the passion of the facilitator who offers it. There are three types of Suppers, all operating on the same basic principles but appealing to people with different interests:

  • Some meetings form around a diagnosis like diabetes or celiac disease.
  • Some form around a particular style of eating like vegan, Paleo or macrobiotic.
  • Some form around a mutual interest in preparing delicious meals together from whole food.  

We promote no particular diet, product, or service; we simply avoid all processed food.

We are a community-based, social profit organization. 

Our work is based on the assumption that how you feel is data! Members learn to read their emotions, moods and physical feelings and how these are influenced by food and drink. Their personal experiments lead members to understand the influence of foods on their health, mental health, and addictive tendencies. Meetings are ongoing. Members take the time they need to learn to live according to their intentions instead of their impulses. In so doing, many of us resolve, reverse or better manage chronic health challenges.


Our mission is to provide safe and friendly settings where anyone -- and especially people with food driven health challenges -– can develop and manage their own personal transitions to a healthier life. 

Why this mission? Because most chronic illness can’t be cured with medication; reversing it requires diet and lifestyle change, particularly avoiding delicious and addictive processed food. We create the environment in which the transition to a healthier life can take place. Our focus is facilitating the path of the Suppers intervention as crafted by each individual; members and their practitioners are the ones who set the goals.

Our Brand

The brand of Suppers is how people feel in our environment –- accepted, purpose-filled, pleasurable -– and is evoked through the skill and caring of facilitators and their great pleasure in serving. 

Four Principles Guide our Meetings

  • The active practice of non-judgment 
  • Whole food preparation 
  • Avoidance of commercial messages 
  • Restoration of the family table
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