How Will I Know When I'm Ready to Facilitate?

How will you know when you're ready to train for Suppers facilitation? If you thoroughly review and answer the questions below, your responses should bring you closer to making this important decision.

1. Do I feel sufficiently grounded in my own Suppers experience and journey of health-seeking or recovery to provide guidance for the journey for others?

2. Apart from hosting a meeting, how can participation in the Suppers community help me in my own journey of health-seeking or recovery?

3. Am I sufficiently comfortable in the kitchen to teach others and run meetings -- or do I have a relationship with someone who can co-facilitate and has the kitchen skills?

4. Am I feeling sufficiently secure financially, and generally, to take on a long-term volunteer commitment?

5. Do I have the 4-6 hours per month I will need to perform the minimum commitment of one meeting per month and do so joyfully?

6. What population am I interested in serving? Why?

7. Have I identified a clean, inviting venue with a “good enough” kitchen to run my meeting?

8. What do I want to teach or share in a way that can be accomplished by facilitating Suppers meetings? Why?

9. Who will co-facilitate or support my meeting?

10. Do these questions make me wonder if I am ready to host a Suppers meeting? If so, how will I know when I’m ready to make the commitment in the future?

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