New to Suppers? Here's What You Need to Know...

Going to your first Suppers meeting? Suppers is provided for you at almost no cost -- beyond the groceries you eat -- as a gift from your volunteer facilitator and the Suppers organization. Please honor the gift of Suppers by following these guidelines:

1. Complete our online waiver. We need this in order to have insurance. 

2. Fill out our participant questionnaire, so that we can learn a little about you.

3. If you RSVP, come. If you don’t show up, your volunteer facilitator will be out of pocket for groceries, which must never happen. Please reimburse your facilitator.

(Here's our refund policy for meetings that require pre-payment online: Suppers can refund up to 48 hours prior to the event, but after that we cannot issue a refund or credit. You may, however, personally gift the seat to another member. There is also no refund or credit if you sign up for a series and miss one of the meetings or sessions.) 

4. Please bring the right change or small bills. 

5. Please honor the boundaries around the starting and ending times and helping in the kitchen so that facilitators are never left with extra work after a meeting.

6. If you are able to make a contribution beyond the per plate cost, please do so. Suppers has to raise a lot of money to keep the program inclusive and nearly free to users so that more needy people are not excluded.  

7. Please honor our need to be scrupulous about handwashing: Handle the money first, wash hands and wash them again when you cough or otherwise soil your hands.

8. While you may have indicated food allergies or sensitivities when you registered, you are primarily responsible for keeping track of your dietary needs. Please prep and plate up your food if you need to eliminate something.

9. People who work on prep and who have long hair will be required to tie it back.

10. Finally, we love taking pictures at Suppers! Do you consent to have your picture taken at Suppers events for use on future occasions? If you do not, please take responsibility for not posing for photographs.