Our 2018 Annual Appeal

Do you believe, as I do, that vibrant health depends on the food we eat and the choices we make? I’m sharing my story because Suppers helped me master my diabetes and in doing so, my life.

As the mother of special needs children, my life revolves around everything but self care. I had warning symptoms that diabetes could hit. On my doctor's “calories-in-calories-out” advice, I yoyoed until I was 80 pounds overweight. When I was diagnosed with diabetes in December 2016, I had no other solution than to take a medication. I developed hideous digestive pain and learned after eight visits to three doctors that it was likely caused by my medication. I switched to an older, less effective medication and got serious about Suppers and self care.

It worked. In the settings of home and church kitchens, I ate delicious meals and picked up pieces of program wisdom, such as “I am biologically individual. I can figure out my personal best way of eating by doing experiments with food. I can identify my personally inflammatory foods.” Results? I lost weight. My energy soared. And – incredibly – I felt satisfied while eating healthy foods. When I eliminated my most inflammatory food, dairy products, my craving for carbohydrates reduced.

Once I started asking myself the right questions and living according to my data, I was no longer categorized as having diabetes (my A1c went from 7.0 to 5.8). My endocrinologist was shocked. She said, “This doesn’t happen on that dose!” She’s referring patients to Suppers now.

I am inspired by the journeys I witness at every meeting I attend. Please help me support others on their pathways to vibrant health by giving to our annual appeal.


Carolyn Peucker,
Suppers Member