Our Spring Breakfast Challenge

Join us for our current Breakfast Challenge and answer these questions about you and your relationship with food:

  • Why do I often get tired or brain-fogged in the late morning or afternoon?
  • Does my flagging energy relate to what I'm eating?
  • Does the way I'm eating drive my anxiety or depression?
  • Which foods will keep me satisfied and free of cravings and impulses the longest?

We deal with these questions all the time at Suppers meetings, and now you can engage with us and get important data from your body just by eating breakfast at home and sharing how you feel with the group or in your private journal. Directions are sent daily by our facilitator Doreen. The Breakfast Challenge is just one of dozens of experiments we do at Suppers to help people find their personal best way of eating. It all comes back to what we say every day: How You Feel is Data!