Short Version of Suppers Leader's Script

To be read when time doesn’t allow for the full script.


Let gratitude fill me
Family and friendship sustain me
And respect for my body, mind, and spirit
Guide my choices.

Welcome to Suppers for [fill in the name of your Suppers meeting]. This program is based on actively practicing non-judgment, preparing and sharing delicious meals made with whole-food, and forming healthy habits. When you are at the Suppers table you will receive unconditional support, regardless of the pace of your progress. At [fill in the name of your meeting]  we support each other’s personal pathways to vibrant health by [fill in the blank specific to your meeting]. Our common challenge is to live a healthier life even when we are tempted by our short term impulses. We ask you to have one conversation at a time at table and refrain from promoting specific diets, products and services.

Leader to read one Boundary and one Concept.