Suggested Leader’s Script

Please take a breath... and join us in the opening:

Let gratitude fill me
Family and friendship sustain me
And respect for my body, mind, and spirit
Guide my choices.

Welcome to the tables of Suppers. Suppers is a learn-by-doing program for people who want more vibrant health. All you need to join is the willingness to start making diet and lifestyle changes. The program is based on whole-food preparation, restoration of family tables, and formation of healthy habits that, though simple, are hard to follow without support. At Suppers, we don’t tell you what or how to eat. Our focus is on supporting your personal pathway to better health using whole food. You set the course and the pace. While you’re at the Suppers table, you’ll receive unconditional support, regardless of the pace of your progress. At Suppers, we’re committed to the active practice of nonjudgment because we know people don’t heal when they feel judged.

The only requirement for membership is the desire to lead a healthier life. The only fee you will ever pay is the shared cost of the meal.

The only investment you will ever make is your own time and effort, and the payoff is more vibrant health for you, your loved ones, and anyone to whom you pass on the program. What we ask in return is that all who attend embrace our nonprofit spirit and share their experience while refraining from the promotion of any particular diet, product, or service.

The meal comes to about $____ today; did everyone remember to reimburse the kitty?

Read only if there are newcomers: We have a newcomer today so let’s go once around the table without comment or questions, introduce ourselves by first name, and briefly share what brings us to Suppers.

Are there any announcements?

To familiarize you with our program, we read a boundary at each meeting and a passage from our literature. Today I have selected:

Boundary #________________________ and ________________________.

Welcome to the tables of Suppers!

(Eat and meet)

Closing: Thank you for joining our family table, for offering your friendship, and sharing your self. Our parting wish for you is that you find the healthier life you seek in body, mind, and spirit.