Suppers is Hiring a Part-time Director of Operations

Position Details

  • Title: Director of Operations
  • Part time, 25 hours/week
  • Salary: $35,000
  • Activity takes place in and around Princeton and some work can be done from home.
  • Contact: Jane Milrod

Our Organization

The Suppers Programs is a Princeton-based "social profit" (non-profit) organization dedicated to supporting people's efforts to turn around their health, mental health and addictions issues with food. Our signature activity is the Suppers meeting, where trained volunteer facilitators invite members of the community into our homes, church and community kitchens. We prepare delicious, whole-food meals without processed ingredients; study program and other literature related to reversing illnesses by natural means; and we conduct personal and group experiments to help people determine which whole foods are most beneficial for their particular bodies.

The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate would combine a passion for the Suppers mission, high energy, experience with home cooking, comfort with public speaking, smarts and organizational abilities with personal experience of having turned around a chronic health challenge with real food. Awareness of addictions models and how recovery programs work would be ideal but can be learned through reading and on the job. We need the start-up, jack-of-all-trades personality with demonstrated ability to run events and grow a business or organization.

The Task

Now that we know the program works for preventing, reversing or better managing chronic illness, we seek a part-time Director of Operations who will help us grow the non-profit organization we need to support the program and the mission. This individual will grow Suppers by:

  • helping us translate our mission into growth for the organization
  • helping us prioritize
  • managing the organization day-to-day (we have two part-time employees)
  • learning the program from inside out, from newcomer orientation through facilitator training and be able to run meetings
  • coordinating fundraising efforts
  • functioning in SalesForce to develop member and donor records
  • participating in developing fee-for-service programs to help fund the organization
  • taking the lead on at least one of our larger events and actively participating in others
  • joining the Founder and Board of Trustees to grow our local solution to a global problem -- the consequences of the processed food supply
  • living within a 25-mile radius of Princeton, NJ (our current service area) with numerous personal and professional connections


  • 3-5 years of managing a staff of more than 2 people
  • 3-5 years fundraising experience
  • 5-10 years of work experience related to growing a business or non-profit organization
  • 3-5 years experience marketing, including conventional media and digital 

If you feel you meet the above criteria, we ask you to send us an email outlining the specifics of when you held these responsibilities. Please be sure to include the dates, names of the companies, along with specific numbers related to these benchmarks (e.g. percentage of growth in membership or number of meetings held).

How to Apply

To apply for this position you will need to email Jane Milrod the following:

  • Your resume
  • A cover letter outlining your qualifications for this position, to include your experience with turning around a chronic health challenge with real food (for yourself or another)
  • A list of 2-4 professional references (include email and phone numbers)
  • Attend at least one Suppers meeting, or at least have it scheduled before you apply. See Our Calendar for a current listing of meetings.

Our Mission

The Suppers mission is to provide safe and friendly settings where people with food-related health challenges can manage their personal transitions to a healthier life.