The Suppers Programs 10 Points of Supported Behavior Change

  1. Develop a palate for real food.
  2. Learn to cook real food.
  3. Come to desire the foods that make you well while you…
  4. Let go of the foods that keep you sick, fat, depressed, or addicted.
  5. Come to understand that how you feel is data and that you can rely on your body to tell you which foods are the healthiest for you.
  6. Give and get social support in a community that helps you while you experiment and learn to distinguish treat foods from triggers and…
  7. Practice living according to your intentions instead of your impulses.
  8. Make a habit of eating the foods that keep you on your path.
  9. Live in the spirit of nutritional harm reduction because none of us lives in a perfect food world.
  10. Provide the experience for others.

The Suppers Vision: A world free of suffering caused by processed food.