Updates on Dor

May 7, 2019

No further health updates at this time. Rather, an important message from Suppers Medical Partner, Karen Flicker, M.S., L.Ac:

Dor asked me to compose a short piece on mercury toxicity to help our Suppers community make sense of her diagnosis. She doesn't want anyone giving up on environmental activism or the organic lifestyle. She has been dealing with the consequences of mercury toxicity since adolescence and is actually not surprised she is diagnosed with cancer.

The element mercury is second only to radioactive plutonium in its toxicity to human tissue. It's a neurotoxin and endocrine toxin and changes how genes express. Dor carries the gene (MTHFR) that makes it harder for people to methylate -- detox -- heavy metals. There are many lifestyle ways to compensate for that "dirty gene," see Ben Lynch’s book Dirty Genes. She imagines that her eating as green as possible and filling her life with purposeful activity and supportive community bought her a lot of high quality, high energy years.

If you’d like to find out more about mercury and its effects on our health, here’s a link to Dr. Mark Hyman’s blog, in which he describes his own experience with mercury toxicity and shares information acquired at an international conference that was presented at Tulane University entitled “The Impact of Mercury on Human Health and the Environment." I think you’ll find it very enlightening.

April 27, 2019

Dear Suppers Members,

We're writing to inform you about Dor's health status. As some of you already know, Dor has recently reduced some of her activities at Suppers. She has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and is considering treatment options. We have no further information at this time, but will be posting updates here.

Please know that Dor is in good spirits, and in fact, is "not surprised"... she has been managing the effects of mercury toxicity since she was 15 years old. She has much to say on this topic, so stay tuned. We also want to reassure you that Dor and the Suppers facilitators are as fiercely dedicated to Suppers -- and to delivering its mission -- as ever.

We know how deeply the Suppers community cares about Dor. If you would like to reach out to extend your best wishes to her, please send a note to rachel@thesuppersprograms.org. Dor always finds tremendous joy in reading how Suppers has impacted lives.  

All best,
The Suppers Board