Whom We Can And Cannot Help

The Suppers Programs exist to provide very low cost, peer-led support for people who are ready to start making diet and lifestyle changes to improve the quality of their health, mental health, or recovery. We invite people who are ready to work in an environment where it is safe to experiment with change and trade stories, knowing we will never be judged for the course we choose. We protect our members by actively practicing non-judgment, disallowing all commercial messages, and requiring members to refrain from the promotion of any particular diet, product, or service.
We can help people who have access to groceries and kitchens, who want to work on change and who attend. We cannot help people whose challenges make it impossible for them to handle kitchen tools and conduct themselves appropriately as a guest in someone’s home or other Suppers setting. We cannot help those whose behaviors compromise the safety and warmth of our settings.
Suppers meetings are no substitute for therapy or treatment. Suppers is about support for diet and lifestyle change. Members take responsibility for getting professional help as needed.