Dressings & Condiments

Knife Skills Kraut

This recipe is very forgiving. As long as you use 50% cabbage, you can mix and match other vegetables that have been sliced, diced and chopped during a knife skills class. If you have never made kraut, try just (or mostly) cabbage first as it’s the most successful fermenter. This is a beginner method that involves no special equipment. For longer ferments and methods using some seriously fun equipment, please use an internet source. They abound.

Magic Dust

This is based off an Indonesian condiment, and is ready to be sprinkled over curries, eggs and vegetable dishes to add flavor and texture. 

Tahini Sauce

This mild tahini sauce is delicious on any kind of vegetables, but goes expecially well with steamed greens.  It is better to use organic tahini if you can get it (non-organic tahini may be made in a factory where peanut butter is also made, and often acquires the stronger taste of peanuts, as well as some of the pollutants common in those factories).  The roasted versions of tahini are more easily digested, but for the young and strong, raw tahini is also acceptable.


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