Chloe’s Story: An Easy Mark

Suppers is my shelter. I have heard that advertisers know just how to push your low self-esteem button to get you to buy their products. I’m very vulnerable to these messages. There must be twenty bottles in my bathroom representing fear-based purchases to tighten my jowls, touch up my roots, or whiten my teeth.

Dor’s Story: No Commercial Messages

In the ten years of research and experiments that led to the program design for Suppers, remaining flexible and open was always a priority. With many years of Al Anon woven into my fiber, I believed in the therapeutic value of sharing experiences in safe settings, knowing I would not be judged. The active practice of nonjudgment became one of the few inflexible characteristics of the program, right up there with the focus on whole food preparation.

Francesca’s Story: Empowered to Experiment

One of the things I like best about shopping in the produce section of our local organic food store is that there are no visual assaults. No packages with lists of ingredients, no health claims, no plastic signs helping me make my decisions based on someone else’s profit motive. The only messages are little paper signs telling me how many miles it took to bring each item to market. Bin after bin, red, orange, green, the vegetables and fruits are perfectly fresh if not perfectly formed.


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