Members' Stories

We call members' stories "logical miracles." A logical miracle is a natural outcome that you can expect when your needs are met for nourishing food, social support, and a safe place to experiment and self-observe while you change old habits. Logical miracles happen every day when people trust that how you feel is data! 

Mariana and Juan’s Story: A Simple Change

Carolyn’s Story: This Doesn’t Happen!

Joni’s Second Story: Closing the Gap

Howard’s Story – Kraut is the New Granola

A Carol Christmas

Norma Jeanne’s (Second) Story: Sweet Memories

Norma Jeanne’s Story: Emotional Consumption

Robert's Story: Flavor Hounds

Margaret’s Story: Numbers Don’t Lie

Tory’s Story: Relapse is the Logical Conclusion

Casey’s Story: Salmon for Breakfast

Susan’s Story: Raw Inspiration

Sheron’s Story: I Never Knew I Needed a Ground Floor

Birdie’s Story: Liar

Marcia’s Story: My Affair with Vegetables, Changing Behaviors, Keeping it Romantic

Doreen's Story: I Didn't Know What I Didn't Know

Lucy’s Conference Report on Binge Eating

Shri's Story: How I Turned Around Diabetes

Jay's Story: Mindful About My Brain

Lorna's Story: Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Beatrice’s Story: Unwitting Self-Saboteur

Stuart and Mom’s Story

Ellen’s Story: Breakfast Is Key

Lora’s Story: Chili for Breakfast?

Lucia’s Story: Dark Chocolate

Sonja’s Story: Addition, Subtraction (and Substitution)

Zita Serves a Stone

Gina's Story: In the Face of Food

Pam's Story: Prisoner of My Own Assumptions

Audelle's Story: An Alternative to Terror

Kiki's Story: A Disease of Isolation

Brad's Story: Sugar

Oliver’s Story: Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Karen's Story: I Turned My Back on Hunger

Anne’s Story: No More Tissues for Jennifer

Dylan and Grandpa Danny’s Story: Our Run-In With a Sweet Potato

Diana's Story: The Journey Out

Bebe's Story: My Life Revolved Around a Piece of Cheese

Ruth’s Story: If You Give Up, You Lost

Rose's Story: Lentils Saved Me

Brad's 2nd Story: Strength in Numbers

Rose's 2nd Story: The Princess of Portion Control

Jenny's Story: Popcorn

Ted's Story: Food Sensitivity

Bebe's 2nd Story: Global Solutions

Marlena's Story: Bliss

Anita's Second Story: Soul Food

Robert's Story: Flavor Hounds

Shelley and Dor's Story: One Piece of Fruit

Jane's Story: Miss Information

Lindsey's Story: Better Living Through Chemistry

Melinda and Terry's Story: My Job, His Job

Diane's Story: My Little Pooh Bear

Grett's Story: Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Lucille's Story: Best Relapse

Karen's Founder Story: Suppers for Stable Blood Sugar

Phyllis's Story: ANTS

Véronique and Camille: Why It Is Important to Cook with Your Kids

Dor: Suppers Founder's Story

Karen and Dor's Story: Checking Our Numbers

Vicky's Story: Have You Heard This Line?

Cindy's Story: Prozac Doesn't Come in Cherry

Sandy C's Story: Discovery

Wolfram's Story: It's About Love

Leslie's Story: Diabetes -- We're Doing It Wrong