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Suppers proudly offers a variety of webinars by donation. Click on the links below for recordings and handouts from past webinars:

Mindful Eating and Mindfulness Training Webinars:
Presented by Dr. Joseph Wieliczko, Psy.D.

How to Develop a Mindful Eating Practice - Three-Part Webinar Series 

Session I – Why we all need a mindful eating practice – An Introduction (Session 1 Worksheet

Session II – Mindfulness and Managing Stress and Stress Eating (Session 2 Worksheet

Session III –Learn about self-compassion and a loving kindness practice (Session 3 Worksheet)

A Mindful Approach to Cravings (Accompanying Worksheet)

Settle the Mind and Eat Mindfully (Accompanying Worksheet)

Background materials on the practice of mindful eating:
Why We Need a Mindful Eating Practice
The Principles of Mindful Eating
The BASICS of Mindful Eating
Benefits of a Mindfulness Practice


Webinars on Specific Health Topics:

Thyroid Health: How to Make Sense of What Supports a Healthy Thyroid with Diet and Botanicals
Presented by Adi Benito, MD - Board Certified in Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism (Link to slide presentation)

Biochemistry of Food: Fats
Presented by James Martiney, Ph.D.

Biochemistry of Food: Sugars and Carbohydrates
Presented by James Martiney, Ph.D.

Brain and Sugar (coming soon)
Presented by Adi Benito, MD (Link to slide presentation)

Nutritional Strategies for Managing the Impact of Menopause
Presented by Adi Benito, MD

Nutritional Strategies for Preventing Diabetes
Presented by Adi Benito, MD

Nutritional Strategies to Reduce Inflammation
Presented by Adi Benito, MD

Nutritional Strategies to Reduce the Impact of Stress
Presented by Adi Benito, MD

Preserving the Local Harvest
Presented by Kim Rizk, Jammin' Crepes

Yoga Breathing for Digestion
Presented by Jamie Mullen, Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapist


Herbal Medicine Webinar Materials:
Presented by Tish Streeten, Herbalist and Author

Bitters: The Antidote to Sugar (coming soon)

Grow Your Own Remedies

Kitchen, Garden and Wild Plants for Immune Health

Kitchen Spice Remedies

Aromatic Herbs as Kitchen Remedies