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Suppers proudly offers a variety of webinars by donation. Click on the links below for recordings and handouts from past webinars:

Webinars by Health Topic:


Mindful Eating and Mindfulness Training Webinars:
Presented by Dr. Joseph Wieliczko, Psy.D.

  1. Why we all need a mindful eating practice – An Introduction (Session 1 Worksheet)
  2. Mindfulness and Managing Stress and Stress Eating (Session 2 Worksheet)
  3. Learn about self-compassion and a loving kindness practice (Session 3 Worksheet)


  • Background materials on the practice of mindful eating:
  1. Why We Need a Mindful Eating Practice
  2. The Principles of Mindful Eating
  3. The BASICS of Mindful Eating
  4. Benefits of a Mindfulness Practice


Herbal Medicine Webinar Materials:
Presented by Tish Streeten, Herbalist and Author