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All non-profits are charged with the task of serving an unmet societal need. Suppers offers a common solution to a range of seemingly disparate health problems which all relate somehow to processed food. It is not the problem but rather the solution -- forming community around a mutual desire to live according to one's intentions instead of one's impulses -- that is common to all of our programs. 

Types of Programs

Signature Suppers Meetings: Meetings take place in private homes and community kitchens. Most start with food preparation, followed by a meal and discussion of a food and health-related topic. Each meeting has a variety of dietary offerings and are driven by one or two passionate, trained volunteer facilitators whose dedication to whole food preparation unifies them as Suppers facilitators. Most meetings can accommodate about 10 guests, and the average cost to attend is $15.

Workshops: Usually held in public spaces such as health food stores, farmers’ markets, libraries and churches, Suppers Workshops focus on a food and/or health-related topic and often involve food demonstrations with presenters who are experts in their fields. Workshops accommodate about 30 guests and the average cost to attend is $15.

Events: Events are held in larger public spaces and can accommodate up to 150 people. Events are organized around a theme, and are conference-style, with multiple speakers presenting their perspective on a given health topic. These events may cost up to $100 to attend. In addition, Suppers hosts an annual free event called “Taste of Suppers,” to introduce community members to the program.

SuppersLabs: A “bootcamp” style program, where up to 10 participants attend an 8-week series (2-hour meeting once a week for 8 weeks) around health topics, such as blood sugar regulation and improving brain health. Participants are provided with a program manual, have homework assignments, and most important, they experiment with different eating styles and journal their experiences. Participants have access to a health professional at one of the sessions. The cost is $600 per participant.

In-Need Programs: Reaching those in-need is important to Suppers. These programs are grant-supported and planned by Suppers staff in collaboration with community partners and held in their neighborhoods. There is no cost to attend these meetings, as they are grant-funded.

Materials to help you better understand our programs: 

Why Suppers?

Everything you experience at Suppers you can pick up someplace else. So, why Suppers?

Because at Suppers, the motivation is wholly based on caring and sharing. No one has any profit motive, and growth is built on foundations built by passionate volunteers. This may slow down organizational growth, but it keeps the program really clean for you. There is no reason to come to meetings save the joy of caring and sharing and the elating experience of solving one's own food-related health challenges deliciously with food!

You can go to cooking classes. You can read articles. You can collect recipes and follow doctor's orders. You can sign up for motivational experiences that are over in a day, a month or a year. And you will probably spend a lot of money. Suppers won't stop you. What distinguishes the Suppers experience is what goes around and comes around: support for living the way you choose to live even in the presence of contrary impulses. At Suppers, we assume that people are intelligent and competent and just need support finding their personal pathways to better health.  

Why Suppers? Because we support your explorations and experiments, because we don't hasten or judge your progress, and because we know that food solutions to modern health and social challenges have to be delicious.


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