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Suppers and NOFA-NJ Host Their Second Annual "Sourcing Health Locally" (September 2018)

For the second year in a row, a sold-out crowd gathered to hear about the close connections between the food system and the healthcare system. Farmers, eaters, cooks, health advocates and medical practitioners came together to discuss how food sourcing can affect the course of one's life. Keynote speaker, Kathleen DiChiara (pictured above), presented her compelling story about the "secret ingredients" that were making her family sick, which led her to transition from a high-level career at a Fortune 500 company to a career as a Functional Nutrition Practitioner with specialized training in biochemistry and individual diets for chronic conditions. A special thanks goes to The Foundation for Airway Health and all of the sponsors for this day-long event.

Suppers' Garden Hosts Its First Chef's Tour (August 2018)

Eno Terra Head Chef Coby Farrow led a chef's tour of the Suppers garden at Dor's house. He described his process of creating a green goddess salad dressing with whatever Nature makes available now: rosemary, chives, and lemon basil (plus avocado, olive oil, and a light vinegar). Also, Chef Allie O'Brien taught Suppers garden program participants to make sugarless peach jam and peach gazpacho. 

Princeton University Student Covers Suppers for her Senior Journalism Project (May 2018)

Thanks to PU Senior, Cindy Liu, for spending some time with Suppers this spring and producing both this excellent piece, "Fighting Sugar with a Knife," and this wonderful video (click on the photo below) about the program! 

The Princeton Public Library Hosts the Sixth Annual Taste of Suppers: Motivating Healthy Change (March 2018) 

Suppers welcomed Dr. Mark Woodford, a licensed professional counselor from The College of New Jersey, for this fascinating evening about behavior change. When our efforts to help ourselves or loved ones change unhealthy behaviors backfire, it may be because we have false assumptions about how to support the change process. Dr. Woodford presented the fundamental truths about change processes and introduced the principles of Motivational Interviewing (MI), which is a model used in public health and addictions counseling to help people whose improvement requires behavior change. Of course, attendees sampled delicious Suppers food after the lecture and role-play demonstration.

Farmer physician Ron Weiss, MD of Ethos Farm Presents at Our Community Partner, Sante Integrative Pharmacy (February 2018)

In his presentation, "Ten Reasons to Go Plant Based," Dr. Weiss discussed the benefits and answered personal questions about nutrition, health and life on the country’s first working farm-based medical practice. Dr. Weiss shared his experiences and presented evidence demonstrating how changing to a plant-based diet and lifestyle can not only optimize our health but also help to prevent and reverse aging. Dr. Weiss is a botanist, board-certified internist and Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. He is founder of Ethos Health in Long Valley, NJ. 

"Soulful Sunday Suppers" Launches (February 2018)

Women come together for a new meeting, "Soulful Sunday Suppers," to create a Suppers that supports them in their healthy lifestyle choices. African Americans are at greater risk for many of the chronic illnesses that whole foods can help reverse. Some of our members started this new meeting for women who want support living in their intentions for healthy eating and strategizing how to get loved ones to participate.

A HUGE Thanks to CHOPT for Partnering With Suppers for "Chopt Gives" (November 2017)

Chopt Creative Salad Co., for its grand opening at the Princeton Shopping Center on November 6, chose The Suppers Programs as its charitible partner for the day. During both lunch and dinner, guests received a complimentary salad with any monetary donation to Suppers. Impressively, the new Chopt location served almost 400 delicious salads without a hitch. Suppers is grateful to have a new partner in the community.

Suppers Partners with NOFA-NJ to Bring Day-Long "Sourcing Health Locally" Event to Princeton, NJ (September 2017)

A sold-out room of 150 people gathered on Sunday, September 10 at the Suzanne Patterson Building to listen to health practitioners and farmers collaboratively examine key questions that are relevant to both health care and agricultural practices. A letter to Town Topics from a local doctor who attended the event underscores its success: "... what we eat and how our food is raised matters as much (if not more) to our health as having a top-notch health care system. What an ingenious idea to bring farmers and physicians together to address our most stubborn health issues... I would like to express my gratitude to our hosts for creating this inspired forum..."

Spring Vegan Cleanse Begins (April 2017)

In the spring of 2017, Macrobiotic Suppers facilitator Pat Palmer (pictured above) and Dor Mullen organized a seven-day vegan cleanse. This video (separated into Part 1 and Part 2) is the introductory description of the cleanse given at the Whole Earth Center in Princeton. Instead of fasting, this cleanse was about eating only raw vegetables and fruits for up to a week. Participants get delicious nutriments throughout the day, including juices, smoothies and salads. A supporting web site and moderated Facebook group were used in the first sponsored cleanse, and are still available to those who would like to try this type of cleanse in the future. This talk provided details about:

  • which vegetables may be difficult to digest in raw form (some may surprise you!)
  • how to prepare
  • sample menus
  • possible effects (easy and otherwise)
  • variations for people with special concerns or intolerances, and
  • how to get and share support with others during the experiment.

Masala Suppers Launches (February 2017)

This new Suppers group is made up mostly of American and European women who love Indian food and Indian women who enjoy sharing what they know. At each meeting someone will demonstrate a preparation -- either Indian or American fare. Suppers uses exclusively unprocessed food in our meals. There is no wheat or sugar, only fresh, mostly organic vegetables and some locally sourced protein for those who want eggs or meat.

Taste of Suppers at the Princeton Public Library Features Speakers on Blood Sugar and Diabetes (December, 2016)

Delicious solutions to managing blood sugar, that was the theme of Suppers' largest event this year, the fifth annual Taste of Suppers at the Princeton Public Library. Dr. Maria (Adi) Benito-Herrero presented on how to preserve function at every stage of diabetes. Two Suppers members, Karen Rose Tank and Janet Zondag, shared with great candor and humor their journeys with diabetes and food. Twenty volunteer cooks -– mostly Suppers facilitators –- filled our plates with the food that provides delicious solutions to managing your blood sugar, ranging from raw vegan to Paleo fare.

Dor Presents at the AAPMD's Annual Airway Summit (September 2016)

What's new at Suppers is collaboration! Dor Mullen, Suppers Founder, was invited to speak at the annual conference of the American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry in Tucson, Arizona. She had to do a crash course in "airway health" -- which involves everything patients, doctors and dentists need to do to keep us breathing optimally. You might wonder what that has to do with Suppers. Interestingly, whenever you see children with ADHD that's driven by poor breathing, or adults with apnea, or anyone who experiences obstructed breathing for any reason, they almost always end up addicted to carbohydrates! Hence the invitation to Dor to talk about how Suppers supports behavior change, especially around eating. Suppers shared space with its friends, Jacqui Bishop and Lisa Feiner, founders of Sharp Again Naturally (pictured below with Dor). SAN provides educational materials for our Suppers meeting focused on brain health.

Taste of Suppers at the Princeton Public Library Draws a Record Crowd for "Food Immunity" Panel (December, 2015)

Thanking the tax payers of Princeton for the use of the Princeton Public Library community room, Dorothy Mullen welcomed around 150 people to an evening of talks about cancer and tastes of foods that support the immune system. Mullen said, "Our purpose was to introduce the community to deliciously applied science," and noted that her organization seeks to re-establish home cooking as a critical point of a health-promoting lifestyle. "When food drives disease, food has to be part of the solution too," Mullen added. Thirty volunteers donated foods matched to the theme of the presenters, recipes made from fresh, mostly organic ingredients. The public was invited to taste everything and join the growing local movement of people who take delicious home food preparation very seriously.


Suppers' Value as "Applied Science" is Recognized by the Institute for Responsible Nutrition (December 2015)

Following a visit last week by Wolfram Alderson, Executive Director of the Institute for Responsible Nutrition (IRN), Suppers received the following endorsement: "I want you to know that The Suppers Programs is one of the best examples of applied science I have ever seen. The scientific method is basically defined as a method of research in which a problem is identified, relevant data is gathered, a hypothesis is formulated from this data, and the hypothesis is empirically tested." Alderson remarked that finding Suppers was like finding the Holy Grail of the real food movement, a program that delivers diet and lifestyle change that people with metabolic disease find so elusive.

In October, IRN had called out Suppers as an example of "solving for food system change." And: "There are various models for creating food system change –- business models, organizational models, academic models, etc. The Suppers Programs champions the community model –- eschewing approaches that monetize change." The IRN (now merged with Eat REAL®) was founded by Robert Lustig, MD, whose viral YouTube video, "Sugar: The Bitter Truth" has over 6,000,000 views. 

Suppers is Awarded the "Healthy Food Community Friends Award" (November/December 2015)

In honor of American Diabetes Month, the ADA's Diabetes Forecast magazine published a short list of organizations and individuals who are fighting to stop diabetes "through access to healthful food and nutrition education." The Suppers Programs received this honor among roughly a dozen recipients! Facilitator Karen Rose Tank: "We bring recipes on paper to life, thus empowering participants to make these low-carb, blood sugar–stabilizing recipes on their own at home.” Read more on Diabetes Forecast's web site or in its print magazine.


Suppers Launches its Blog, The Purple Apron (November 2015)

Dor Mullen, Suppers Founder, and her accomplice, Chef Allie O'Brien, have come together to welcome you to virtual Suppers meetings through a blog, The Purple Apron. Here you'll find inspiring stories plus recipes, cooking instructions and beautiful photos to go along with them. Members will be sharing their experiments on finding the right or wrong foods for them. You, too, can pass along to us your stories of success, failure, and kitchen dreams and nightmares. 

Press Release (November 2015)

Central Jersey's Suppers Programs: Just What the Doctor Ordered: Program Wins Award from American Diabetes Association, Survey Reveals Participants Follow Healthier Lifestyles

PRINCETON, NJ -- As the nation becomes increasingly focused on healthy lifestyles, hundreds of people in Central New Jersey are living healthier lives, thanks to The Suppers Programs, a grassroots organization promoting healthy cooking... Read full press release.

Suppers Announces Results from its Member Survey (September, 2015)

From its first-ever member survey, Suppers was pleased to learn that its mission and priciples are resonating with members, as more than two-thirds of respondents said they joined the program to improve overall health through learning to cook within a non-judgmental and supportive environment. To learn more about what Suppers members reported in this study, see our Special Edition newsletter that details its findings.